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(updated 7.22.15)

Future RoboRAVE Internationals:

In the years of 2017, 2019, and 2021, Albuquerque will host the RoboRAVE – US event as a qualifier to the International event.

2015 – Canada, India, Argentina, Nigera, Zambia

RoboRAVE International is working with all the above countries to expand and enhance programs.

2014 – France, Spain, Colombia, China, México, Japan: 

July 23-25, 2013: RoboRAVE International staff recently held a 2 day workshop in Changsha for 12 groups of students (ES, MS, and HS) and teachers to introduce the event to China. Invited by Dr. Mao Yong, with CEAIE, the workshop was held during the 14th Annual Chinese National Robotics Tournament organized ITCCC, an educational group with the Ministry of Education.

May 24-June 28, 2013:

The New Mexico Public Education Department has released a call for robotic material proposals to all New Mexico public schools. Funding for the materials is from capital outlay (2012 – $322,000; 2013 – $298,357) that Inquiry Facilitators secured through the respective legislative sessions. Funds can be used for robots, related support materials (i.e., computers, spare parts, training) that will be used in either in-school, or after-school programs that compete in the annual international robotics competition held in Albuquerque, New Mexico.