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Robot Loan Program 2017 (LANL)

last updated: April 13, 2017

ROBOT LOAN PROGRAM 2017 courtesy of LANL’s Community Outreach Program

First – Thank you Janelle Vigil-Maestas for supporting this valuable program…LINK to LOAN DETAILS

NOW – Congratulations on receiving your 2 Daisen alpha Xplorer robotS.

PLEASE get your FREE, LIFETIME RoboRAVE Membership ID; www.roborave.org/signup. This ID is now required for all coaches, assistant coaches, and players, and it will be needed to form teams for all RoboRAVE events, worldwide.  After submitting your ID info, open your email and verify your email. YOU’RE DONE. THX

SOFTWARE DOWNLOAD LINK – English version – your computer will save it as CStyleAX_V160827en.

Installing directions for software: PROGRAM Install CStyle (2:07 mins)

BUILD Videos:

  1. Overview of the robot (2:26 mins)
  2. Getting power to your robot board (1:55 mins)
  3. Running your first (1st) program: BLINKY (2:24 mins)
  4. Running your second (2nd) program: 3 Blinking LEDS using an INFINITE LOOP (2 slides)
  5. Build wheels PLUS motor and motor mount review (2:25 mins)
  6. Connecting motors and motor mounts (3:55 mins)
  7. Building the CASTERS (3:24 mins)
  8. Review of your built robot PLUS attaching the INFRA RED (IR) sensor (3:05 mins)
  9. Touch Sensor build (7:55 mins)

ROBOT Math Lessons/activities LINK

  1. Measurement (variation: use a speed 1 < speed 2)
  2. Relationships between variables : Distance, time, & speed
  3. Geometry – Rotation, Reflection, Translation

RoboRAVE US 2017  event INFO: (Divisions ES-Elementary, MS – Middle, HS – High, & BK – Big Kids)

  1. a-MAZE-ing Challenge (ES, MS)
  2. Jousting Challenge (ES. MS)
  3. Line Following Challenge (ES, MS, HS, BK)