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If inc. Robot Academy 2015

updated 07.29.15

Update on this year’s IF, Inc.’s 2015 Robot Academy, sponsored by Intel Corporation.

2015-16 ACTION PLANS by teams: LINK to PLANS

The ROBOT ACADEMY is to provide a parallel program for educators to learn how to build, program, and test robots on the same challenges teams are competiting at the RoboRAVE International which is being held simultaneously. Robot Academy teams are VIPS at the competition but do not compete. They use the event to garnish ideas for their Robot Academy action plans. Attendees were treated to dynamic speakers about robotics from experts at Sandia National Labs, University of New Mexico – Los Alamos, New Mexico Tech University, TriCore Laboratories, and NASA. The majority of time is spent playing and testing their robots on a variety of robot challenges.

An ACTION PLAN is each team’s goal to start/expand a robotics program in their community; The plan can be for a few students, a class, an afterschool group or up to an entire community. The goal is to create a plan that will be successful in engaging students in the use of robotics as the vehicle to introduce them to science, technology, engineering and math (STEM) concepts.

The TEAMS, (2 to 4 adults), attending are primarily, but not limited to, teachers and community members. Some teams do have HS students though no team is only HS students. Elementary through University educators partner with community members to ensure a high probability of success for implementing their action plan.

COST to attend? If accepted, you pay your travel to Albuquerque and commit to being involved for the entire academy and provide an action plan before departure. Next years Robot Academy is tentatively scheduled for May 4-8, 2016.

REGISTRATION will open approximately October 1st, 2015 though you can email NOW to Russ at ACADEMY@gotoif.org to place your team on the INVITE LIST.

GROUPS attending this year:

from the US – (All from New Mexico for 2015)

International –

or read on for more info!

What is the academy?

LINK to 1st Annual Robot Academy Program

Who is the academy for?

Educators and community members (and some 10th or 11th graders, [if 2 adults : 1 student]) who are excited about bringing back to their school and/or community a plan to either start or expand a robot education & competition, INEXPENSIVELY!

When is the NEXT Robot Academy and RoboRAVE International?

Robot Academy – 6p May 4 to Noon May 8, 2016 in Albuquerque, New Mexico, US

RoboRAVE International 2016 – 8a May 5 – 4p May 7 in Albuquerque, New Mexico, US @ the Albuquerque Convention Center

What must your team do post-academy?

LINK to 2015 Team Action Plans (coming soon)

LINK to 2014 Team Action Plans

How can we get our team INVITED?

Online registration to be invited opens: Noon, Oct. 1st (MDT), 2015

BUT place your team’s interest to be on our INVITE LIST now by emailing: ACADEMY@gotoif.org.

We need your name, email, telephone, community/school name, and how many you will have in your team (min. 2, max. 4)

What’s it cost to attend?

All expenses, except travel and 2 dinners (Friday & Saturday nights are open) are covered by a generous grant from the Intel Corporation’s Rio Rancho’s FAB.

NEED MORE?  Email Russ@gotoif.org …

Thank you.